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Jenna Jameson Diary : February 02, 2001

| Friday, February 02, 2001
I just got home from the office. I am about to get ready to go out for one of my favorite people's birthdays. Rory, my computer guru turns 24 today... I got him the new samsung uproar cell phone with the mp3 player in it. He should be pretty happy. Our days at the office have been filled with building the rest of the site. It's just a skeleton right now. We have so much more to put up. Just wait, within this week we will have So much more neat stuff! I'm going through all my baby pics right now to put up. I'm weeding out all the ugly dorky ones. Sorry, some things you just can't show people! Well. I better go jump in the shower... Talk atcha tomorrow...

Love, Jenna Jameson