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Jenna Jameson Diary : March 13, 2001

| Tuesday, March 13, 2001
Hey just got done chatting in the chat room . I will be posting my chat times on the home page. I should be in there at 12pm (AZ time) tomorrow. Nikki Tyler is in town with me this week, she's such a good friend. We get our new camera tomorrow, so we might shoot a couple of layouts with Nikki and myself. She looks great right now. The office is going crazy trying to get ready for our shoot this weekend and Spring break next week. Well, I'm going to go watch the Perfect Storm DVD...we just got a new plasma screen tv...Justin has been looking at them for awhile and finlally broke down and bought one. They are worth the $$. Clubjenna is really taking shape and we are getting a nice little community...I wish it was bigger ,but give it time. If we could channel all the jenna Traffic into our site it would be unbelievable. The flash section is going back up this week, it really looks great. I just ate a piece of the best wine cake..Justin's mom made it,WOW, I think I'm going to go finish it off...YUM YUM.hehe. Thanks for being cool and have a great night/day.

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Jenna Jameson