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Jenna Jameson Diary : March 27, 2001

| Tuesday, March 27, 2001
Enough already! I'm sick of being sick! Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be complaining this much... But, it sucks to try to work when your nose is running like mine is! Yuck! Anyway, I'm preparing for my gig in CT. I featured at this club a long time ago, so I'm having a hard time remembering what it's like there. Hopefully it's laid back. I always say that, and it's always a madhouse! :) Can't really complain about that, I would hate it if you could here crickets while I was on stage! HEEHEE I am going to film some of my performances and post them on the site in a couple of weeks... Then EVERYONE can have the "Jenna Experience"!!! It's not exactly like being there in person, but it's close enough! And, then everyone can meet my buddy/roadie, Tracy... Love her, she's SO awesome. I'm gonna go resume the tedious task of unpacking and repacking...

Smiles and tissues, Jenna Jameson