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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 02, 2001

| Monday, April 02, 2001
I need to go to bed,but I'm not tired. Go figure! I just got home and I have to leave again! GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE. I had some problems with my connection in the chat room tonight,thanks Sprint Broadband Direct! I'm really bummed because I haven't had a chance to talk with everyone for a while. Hopefully tomorrow is just a quick in and out of LA. We are starting a new section on the site,Justin's idea, 25 questions with famous people. It's pretty funny, now we just need a place to post it. It's almost my birthday,woooohoooooooooo!! I don't know why I'm excited I'm going to be a year older. Sometimes to years seem to actually be in multiples. I did some shopping after work today, got some cool clothes, like Ineed any more. I'm going through my closet any giving away clothes to those who need them. It's hard to find some one in need that wants a pair of booty shorts! The dogs have been really good , they must be planning something. We took a lot of pix on the road, but we are having downloading difficulties, I think the camera is being a little quirky. Justin said that he would edit the blow job scene this week and have it up at the end of next week. Thanks for all the concern about my health, I feel great now. my body is sore from dancing. Well, time to hit it, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Wish me luck. Jenna Jameson