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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 07, 2001

| Saturday, April 07, 2001
WOW. what a week. Sorry that I have been updating my diary. I have been swamped. I don't want to jinx myself, so I'm not going to yap about my auditions I had...but if I get the parts...Oh My God!!!!! No fears, I will still be doing my adult stuff, I want to be the only star doing both! I think that would be really cool. I'm so excited!!!!!! I hate getting my hopes up though, what if it falls one likes rejection( I worry too much!) I freak out when I lose a member, why did they leave?? what can I do ?? You know, "Jenna the Worrier". I guess that is good in some way, I mean at least I am aware of what goes on arround me and try to correct/learn from it. I really am starting to miss staying home, if it was up to me I would stay home and chat with everyone in the chat room. I think we are getting the web cams up with in 2-3 weeks!!!! I am so mad about the chat room I could spit blood. Rory needs to get his ass over to my house and find out why I can't chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick of the tomorrow promises I've been getting when I ask when the new chat room is going to be done! I'm sorry, we are doing our best. We went to the Dessert Forum Internet Convention yesterday. It was pretty boring, but I learned a few things, so I guess it was worth while. Of course I had to do a little shopping afterwards, I can't resist! It's almost my B-Day! I hope everyone is using our store to buy stuff, I hate shameless plugs, but I went to alot of trouble getting the store up and no one uses it. Members are getting 25% off!! Buy $100 worth of stuff and your membership was almost free. Make sure you get my new DVD- Jenna Jameson My Plaything, it's frikkin awesome!!!! Ok enough of my ramblings time to walk the dogs and get some sun!

HUGS-HUGS-HUGS Jenna Jameson