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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 10, 2001

| Tuesday, April 10, 2001
I had an incredible birthday! I want to thank everyone for all of their sweet posts and words of cheer. Thanks for the cards and flowers you all really made me feel special. Osty you rule!!!!! What a surprise, we got some great pix of me opening Osty's present...I'll get them uploaded today. I love it. First of all it started on Friday night when Justin went out to the gym and came home with my best friend Melissa Anne!! SURPRISE, she flew in from NY. Then Sunday night we were going to dinner...I thought we were going the wrong thing I know we are pulling up at a skating rink. Justin rented out a skating rink and had invited @70 of my friends! It was so funny, he had everyone dress up in 70's disco clothes (wait until you see the pictures). It was crazy!!!! All I know is that Rory concocted some type of "Jungle Juice" it tasted like lemonade...but what a punch! I got trashed:) Yesterday I got some time to spend relaxing arround the pool with some friends from out of town. After six hours in the sun...I look like a lobster. OUCH! Last night we went and had a great dinner and then out to my buddy Todd's club,CAT EYE, and we chilled. This was the best Birthday I've ever had. Thanks again to everyone for making it so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to Kris and Linda. Hugs,Kisses,and more Kisses, JJ p.s.-My friend Holt got me the new AIBO. I just got him to stage 2 of his babyhood.

Talk 2U soon, Jenna Jameson