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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 16, 2001

| Monday, April 16, 2001
TAX DAY in the US! I'm so excted, ther's nothing better than giving your hard earned $ to the government. I mean they really earn that 40% of my income. Wouldn't it be nice if they actually helped you. I know the government protects and provides, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Let's get real here, We get taxed on everything that we buy, oh except food(but we do on snacks!), we pay registration fees on our vehicles every year, property tax, state tax, income tax, etc. Why not tax sex, thinking, excercise, breathing, etc. I have a corporation, therefor I pay 40% on the income of the company. When I take out the profit I get taxed again personally, WOW this is great! I'm sorry ,but I'm just venting. Because of financial difficulties we will be shutting down, sorry. Thanks for all of your support...JJ PSYCHE! Just kidding, more members would be nice!

Smiles, Jenna Jameson