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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 17, 2001

| Tuesday, April 17, 2001
Mr.Roboto, DOMO DOMO Mr. ROBOTO...My neck is tweeked, ouch. Well, after that 5 hour plane ride the other day I had my hair done, instead of six hours it took 11...we were done at 2:30 am! I added colored extensions, they look really cool! My neck took all the abuse and I'm paying for it now. I'm trying to get in to the Dr. , my neck has really been bugging me for the past month. I'm hoping to get it cleared up soon! I think I need to take some time off and do nothing but be a home body. I saw some finished scenes from Sylvia Loves Jenna,WOOOOOOOOOW!!! They are alot more hardcore than my normal movies!!!!!!!!!! Briana loves Jenna is much softer. The scenes look like music videos, you think the music is good in our videos on the site, wait until you hear the music for the movies. We're starting production plans for our big movie this year, I really can't go into a lot of detail, but it will be the best adult movie done. Justin is calling in some old favors and putting together an incredible cast and crew! I guess we are making some site changes this week. We are changing some stuff on the home page (link to the forum and videos) I finally saw the Beta test for the new chat room, I know don't fall down, and it's really cool. Danni's has done an awesome job creating the room. I wish it was faster, but good things come to those who wait. Speaking of Danni's Hard Drive, we are working with Danni and putting together a monthly show for broadcast over both of our sites. I'm open for suggestions on what you guys want to see on the show. Who do you think should be my first guest?

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