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Jenna Jameson Diary : May 15, 2001

| Tuesday, May 15, 2001
Well, the end of a VERY exciting day is drawing to a close. Today ahas been a very good day for me, thanks in part to all of you. FHM #31!!!! YES! I'm so friggin excited. Thank you everyone. Now if they would only put me on the cover (yeah right). Anyway, I spent my whole day smiling and working on the compter. The chat went really well today, there were a lot of people in there. (Cowboy, I'm not mad) hehehehe Anyway, I hope everyone is smiling as much as I am today. I leave for NY city tomorrow for my gig at that one club. Not sure what I have to do, but, it's only for two hours, I think it's hosting or something like that. No big deal. Then off to Al's Diamond Cabaret ( Old faithful) I've been to that club more than any other club in the US. It's like a second home. Ok, gonna go pack talk atcha later!

Love ya much, Jenna Jameson