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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 05, 2001

| Tuesday, June 05, 2001
AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Home at last, what a great feeling. I laid out in the sun for an hour today (trying to keep up the golden brown hue I attained while in Maui) and I fried my buns. LOBSTER BUTT!!!! The AZ sun is scorching. But I shall have the perfect tan for my magazine shoot on Thursday. The photographer for the shoot is none other than Lisa Boyle. Many of you might know her from her many appearances in Playboy. I've never been shot by a Playmate, so I'm looking very forward to this. Hopefully she "likes" girls! HEHEHEHEHEHE Well, tomorrow I have my first appointment for laser hair removal, which was recommended by Brooke. She went on and on about it. So I figured I would check it out. Hopefully it works, I can't imagine what it would be like to not have to shave everyday. The wonders of modern science!!!! I will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow...

Love 'n' slobbery kisses, Jenna Jameson