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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 08, 2001

| Friday, June 08, 2001
Still in LA. My shoot got cancelled today, the photographer was feeling a bit under the weather, so I did some running around getting ready for the Vivid shoot on Monday. I am shooting tomorrow for the site so, I will be staying in LA tonight. The dogs have been on a rampage tearing the house to shreds... They are mad because we have been out of town. Someone watches them while we are away, but that is not enough. They decided to take it out on our family room couch, they shredded a cushion spreading all the feathers everywhere. It sucks because we have the house up on the market and the dogs are wreaking havoc on the house making it even harder. Justin has been going crazy about it. Puff is the instigator, nacho follows her lead and stinky just sleeps. Selling your house is always stressful, especially when you are purchasing another. Another thing I hate is getting a mortgage. Our broker is great, it's just the constant jumping through hoops. Just let me vent a little more... :) Ya know, my credit is great and so is Justin's. So, give us the loan... Not to mention the going back and forth on the offers. I don't like people walking through my house either, looking , snooping, smelling, HEY!!! No smelling!!! Our house is always clean but it still is a hassle making sure all your valuables are put away, the dogs are taken care of, blah blah blah. Then once we sell it we have to pack everything and move it 5 miles to the new house. I don't know about you ,but I hate packing all the little crap that really doesn't have a real category. All that stuff you just want to leave in the corner of the garage. I mean we just finished settling in and we are moving. I wanted to stay, but our house went way up in value and we found an incredible house which = move! I think this time we are going to hire movers to handle everything. Ok, I'm ranting as usual. I sound like Dennis Miller. Time to go and play with myself....

Hey, it relaxes me :)~ Jenna Jameson