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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 10, 2001

| Sunday, June 10, 2001
Well, this is the last day before the big Vivid movie. You'll be glad to know, the whole movie is based around me.... So it's not that I'm only in a few scenes and thats it... It's all me! Yeah!!!!So, I fly to LA tonight at around 9:30, and my call time tomorrow is 8 in the morning. So I made sure that I was coming in made up so I could get the press over with early, before I start filming. I will make sure I take a lot of pix, so you guys get the first look at the new Vivid Jenna! Well, I have a huge amount to do before I leave, so I'm gonna sign off. I'll update you from the set!

Love with flavor, Jenna Jameson