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Jenna Jameson Diary : July 09, 2001

| Monday, July 09, 2001
Clubejenna was very lively this weekend alot of posting going on... All in all this was a nice weekend. I went and saw the movie Cats and Dogs with Justin, Jim, and Karen(Jim's girlfriend). The movie was sooooo cute, a bit silly , but sooooooo cute. The editing was great. At times a few of the animals looked a tad bit fake. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, my allergies have been driving me crazy! We are shooting for the site today, so, that might have added to my anxiety. One of our freinds, Danny, has a beautiful loft downtown. He is letting us shoot there . Justin is excited, he loves shooting. He's always loved shooting video , now the new thing is stills. We will get a few sample shots up this week. I guess I should start getting ready,yuck! Ok, Loyal members today's mission is to find 3 people and get them to join ClubJenna...LONG LIVE JENNA!!

Jenna Jameson