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Jenna Jameson Pornstar Diary Blog : July 29, 2001

| Sunday, July 29, 2001
Back home! The party in LA was great. We had a really good turnout and everyone was extremely nice. Ricky took a lot of pix , I don't know how good they are...he was trashed, LOL. Linda, Melissa and myself flew back on Friday. Poor Linda was airsick the whole flight. This weekend we have 4 house showings so it's a cleaning and arranging weekend. It's hard with 3 guests and 3 dogs in the house. Missy is clean so that's helpful. I really don't have a lot scheduled for this week, Missy's wedding is on Saturday, so I need to get ready for that. She is not very stressed.. I know I would be. I have my chat at 11 this morning. I'll set up another one next week. I originally was going to take most of August off, but I need to shoot most of the month :( No biggie! Time to clean , first house showing is at 9.

Smiles, Jenna Jameson