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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 01, 2001

| Wednesday, August 01, 2001
I am poooped. Let's see the day started at 6am, I had to get Desmond (The Hair Guru) off to the airport and then I had to take my butt to the gym. I started working out with a trainer today...I am going to be sooooo sore! It felt great though, I'm really looking forward to getting into the gym regularly. Maybe I'll sleep at night now... that would be nice. The rest of the day I spent running arround with Missy getting ready for the big day on Saturday. You know girl stuff... nails, tan, facial, etc. I don't often get the time to do that, so it was awesome. I showed the house once today, hopefully we'll get an offer. Arround 5:30 pm I popped in the chat room and yapped with a few buddies, that was was mellow- all regulars in the room. Made a quick dinner and now I am ready for bed. I have to get up @6 and fly to Vegas. I still have to get Missy a few things for her bachelorette party, wink wink wink! I'll make sure I get lots of pictures when we are out on the town. Today was a great day...

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} Jenna Jameson