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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 11, 2001

| Saturday, August 11, 2001
OK, here's the update from last night. We went to our friend Mark's opening for his new restaurant Flat Wok. It was actually pretty interesting, you get in this sort of assembly line and load a bowl full of fresh veggies and noodles and chicken. Then you take it to the chef in the back and watch him cook it on this huge flat wok! Really fresh and healthy. Then we proceeded to go to the Cat Eye, which is my favorite club here in Scottsdale. So as soon as I get there I need to go to the bathroom, so I head over and lock the door behind me. As I'm sitting there, I hear a bunch of people outside saying, "Jenna Jameson is here!" Well, this went on for about five minutes. So when I open the door and round the corner, some chick attacks me and tries to kiss me. YUCK! So I shoved her off me, and she must have been drunk cuz she fell. OOPS! Maybe I'm stronger than I look. Needless to say, she got thrown out. Oh Well, guess it goes to show, even though your a girl, that doesn't mean you can just go fondle anyone you want! Once I got home, Justin pinned me on the bed. HEHEHE. Face down, he ate my ass till I came. MMMMMMMMMM. He fucked me from the back and pushed my face into the pillow. Felt good. That went on for about a half hour, and then he flipped me over very forcefully. I love it when he does that! I like doing it missionary because I can clamp down on him with my pussy. That always makes him cum. It felt so good when he came in me, it made me cum. That was a very good night of love making... I think Justins on a roll! hehehehehhe, Life is good!

Kisses, Jenna Jameson