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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 19, 2001

| Sunday, August 19, 2001
Bobby and Briana are staying at the house. It's good to see them. I am leaving for LA tomorrow ...I'm stressed. I have a long week of shooting ahead of me. I just got done doing some last minute tanning. We have a tanning bed at the house. I know ...what do you need a tanning bed in AZ? I don't use it often if that makes you feel better, LOL. I very rarely tan because it is so bad for your skin. Wrinkles are not a girls best friend. It's not fair how guys mature and become distinguished , while woman just get old and pruinish...hehehee. The dogs have been crazy as usual... I'll post some new pix of them ...Nacho is HUGE!

I'll yap at ya'll tomorrow. Jenna Jameson