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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 24, 2001

| Friday, August 24, 2001
The days have been bluring together... Ok, no more make up for awhile please, my eyes are smoked! That stuff kills your eyes after 3-4 sets a day ..make up change for each set. The stuff is so beautiful, Micheal (photographer) did a great job. The stylist was awesome and Emma was her usual briliant self(make up). I am getting ready to go to the airport and get my ass home!! I can't wait. I miss Justin...we are actually going to be alone in our house for the first time in almost 2 months...I'm in trouble. I'll have to learn how to walk again..hehehee. The house will be rockin tonight!!!!!!! Woohoooooooooo...Jenna gonna get summmmm, LOL. Break it down!! Go Jenna -Go Jenna -Go Jenna- it's your birthday -not a holliday.Heheheee. Ok, enough silliness...time to get thats gonna happen..go jenna I'm in a great mood!!!!!!!!! I have the pool party tomorrow in Scottsdale. It's going to be crazy. We are going to shoot a bunch of footage for you guys to see. We are sponsoring the event along with Cat Eye Lounge , Babes Strip Bar , and Les Girls Breast Lounge(LOL). Girls Girls Girls.!!

Gotta run.. <<>> Jenna Jameson