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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 26, 2001

| Sunday, August 26, 2001
Another week comes to an ever notice how fast time starts to go as you get older? I remember when I was a kid it seemed that the school year was never ending. A month would seem like an eternity. Now I'm lucky if I remember what year it is. Everything just goes into hyper warp. Summer is over and it seems like I never even had a chance to appreciate it. Life’s pace gets faster and faster and if yu don't keep up it blows you by and leaves you in the gutter; torn and tattered. Oh, to be able to go back to my youth, a carefree fun time responsibilities and no stress. I know I'm still a babe in the woods, but I kind of understand how life is going to continue and change. It is weird when you put everything into proper perspective and realize that you really need to stop every once and awhile and take the time to grasp life. Spend time with the ones you love... and do something to better yourself and make yourself feel happy. Make yourself smile, do something that makes you feel complete. I think in today’s fast paced "get ahead of the Jones'" world we forget about what life is all about. Look back at the Renaissance era. Now they had a real zest for life and love. I think the Europeans still try and uphold that style of life and do so much more than Americans...but they still fall into the pitfalls of modern man and its society void of true feeling and emotion. Families are falling apart as a result of poor parenting. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not blaming the parents. It's the fact that both parents have to work in order to provide a life style that is competitive with the Jones'. It is hard raising kids in today’s society. I could go on about this for another 3 hours of writing... but I will spare everyone from my babbling. On a lighter note, I bought a new bed and bedding today. We went with an Indian (India) type of theme this time. I'll get some pix up. The pool party was crazy and fun. Ricky took tons of pix.

Yap at ya tomorrow. Jenna Jameson