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Jenna Jameson Diary : September 08, 2001

| Saturday, September 08, 2001
Another 5:30 am wake up buzzzz! Oh, joy and rapture... The flight was good, I slept most of the way. Linda joined me for the weekend. It's always nice having her arround...makes everything a bit easier and relaxing. Justin will be in tonight. I just got done with make up and I,m taking a break before getting dressed and posed for the rest of the day. Earl has been so nice ... i am excited to shoot with him. The location is beautiful. I'm sure the shots will be awesome. e are shooting behind the scenes stuff for the site, both video and stills. Monday we are finishing up some dialogue and make up shots for Briana Loves Jenna. Life is good...I am in much beter spirits today, thanks for all your support. We will be shooting alot of new content for the site in October as well as a secret movie... I'll give you a hint, the girl I'm working with is my most requested costar... it will be our first time together!

Kisses, Jenna Jameson