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Jenna Jameson Diary : September 27, 2001

| Thursday, September 27, 2001
What a day.. got an offer on the house...we countered...they came and looked at the house again..this whole ordeal is way to stressful. They want to move in at the end of October; I have way to much to pack. It would take that long just to pack all my clothes,LOL. We are going to the Janet Jackson concert tonight. I'm really excited, we got great seats! I usually only go to rock concerts..Janet is such a cutie, I had to go. My movie canceled for next week... I'm not very happy about it. My co star vanished and can't be found for the monent. We will have to reschedule it fo ra later date. For the record we are going to be lowering our membership price in the next few weeks. Also, we will be donating a $1 of every new membership to the World Trade Center Relief Fund. We know that times are ruff for alot of people and we are doing what we can to help. Well, time to run... I,ll let you know how the show was...Miss Jenna if you're nasty!

Kisses, Jenna
Have a sweet and fun night. Jenna Jameson