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Jenna Jameson Diary : October 20, 2001

| Saturday, October 20, 2001
Shot a Club layout today and I'm now officially pooped. I'm out of shooting shape. Tomorrow is a relax around the house and rearrange the closets day. We have been showing the house a lot lately... I wish we had accepted the last offer on the house. Showing the house is such a pain in the butt. Justin got a storage unit yesterday and moved all the crap out of the garage. Now he is building some new wardrobe closets for the garage. Let me tell you it is pretty funny to watch. He is not making them according to the instructions...he is "customizing" them, LOL. He calls me out to give him a hand and then doesn't have me do anything; I think he just wants the company. What's up with guys and tools??? We went to Home Depot to get the Cabinets...he's all " I need to get a saw..." I'm thinking a saw...for what. He grabs a saw tosses it in the cart and we head for the check out line. Halfway there he sees a tool kit combo thing that he just has to have... it was like $300. I asked him if he really needed it; he said no frowned and put it back. He gets on me about buying least I wear them. He buys tools because they look nice in the garage and he can loan them out. Our fish Jesus died today, very sad. We had him forever. He got into a fight with another fish ... he won the fight, but was wounded. We are holding services for him on Wednesday...LOL. Ok, off to the kitchen to make some dinner for myself and Mr.Carpenter.

Have a sweet and fun night. Jenna Jameson