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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 09, 2001

| Sunday, December 09, 2001
Wow, what a nice day... I woke up at around 11 o' clock and read my horse books for about an hour. Then I proceeded to clean the house ( which is very relaxing). Then Jay and I went to a christmas store here in AZ and everything was like 50% off. I LOVE SALES!!! So I ended up spending about 2 hours decorating the christmas tree, getting the bows tied takes the longest. I just don't know how Jay is going to fit my horse under the tree! I think I am in such a good mood because we had incredible sex last night. Every so often, I get to make the first move... he is usually the aggressor. Last night, I took advantage of him... I think he likes that. It seems like years since we had sex, because, what with the movie and all... we were both so tired. My pussy was so tight, he could barely get it in. I have to say, that made it all the better. I kinda like it when it hurts a little. Plus, I had to shave totally for the movie, because we had airbrushing done on our pubic bones... So, I was nice and smooth... It's been so long since I have shaved every bit of hair, it felt really good. OK, enough sex talk... I better get to bed, Playboy is coming tomorrow. They are filming my day in the life for the video that will be accompanying my magazine debut. So with that, I am off to bed. I love you guys...

Kisses to you all. Jenna