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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 12, 2001

| Wednesday, December 12, 2001
We made it! The flight was bumpy...we all know how much I love that. Linda is with me and fortunately she took her Dramamine; she doesn't do well in anything that's moving. Tomorrow we have a meeting in the mornining and then off to the dentist, another favorite of mine. I have one show tomorrow and then 3 on Friday as well as Saturday. Yes, I am still nervous. At least we found my trunks ; so half of the battle is over. Ok, it's sounds good in theory. I wonder if my buddy FearZues is coming to see me???? I did a really funny diary entry before I left today...I don't know if it's up yet. It's worth a watch. Everything else is great, Briana Loves Jenna is selling well. We have a lot of new merchandise up- hats, pics, shirts... I am counting the days until my horse gets here!!!!!!! I think she will arrive on Monday/Tuesday. I'm hoping for Monday because I have to shoot on Tuesday:( The horses name is Chavah, she is a full blooded Egyptian Arab. Justin gets me the best gifts! I was shocked when he told me...He had been planning this for months. He kept teasing me asking me if I wanted to know what he got me for Christmas; it was driving me nuts. He finally broke down! I went crazy!! She is getting shipped from Toronto , Canada. She has along cold ride ahead of her. I've been on line all week getting tack and clothes. I think I bought arround 200lbs of horse books, Justin just laughs. I think he created a monster,LOL. As soon as I get her I'll put up some pix! Ok, need to get some sleep. Have a great night!

{{{smoooooch}}} JJ