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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 17, 2001

| Monday, December 17, 2001
I am home...FINALLY! That was a loooong 4 days - but it was really fun! The Scene was a really fun club and I think everyone had a good time. (Linda even got tips!) You'll have to ask Michael and his uncle...they came to see me (thank you, it was great to meet you!) and Chris and his friend (thanks for the present!) and Kevin (it was GREAT to see you and THANK YOU for my WONDERFUL gifts!) and of course, FearZeus, Jennarazzi, Eric.....everyone was unbelievable! (we missed you Samrea!) I'm soooooo sore and exhausted! (I think I'm getting too old for this!?) I'm happy to be home but have to leave AGAIN in the morning for a 3 day shoot in LA. :( Chavah should (literally) be here any minute and I can hardly wait! I'll post pics ASAP! I gotta get packed for the shoot and hopefully my little equestrian friend will be here! I'll let you know when she gets here! Missed you all.

Bigs hugs. JJ