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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 22, 2001

| Saturday, December 22, 2001
The malls are packed… recession...RIGHT! Justine and i did our Christmas list yesterday...46 people! It's funny Justine did this computer list persons name- a/b (before or after Christmas we can buy it) gift idea, budget for the gift, and completion. Too funny. We take it out at the stores and everyone is like, "that is awesome, but a bit to organized, lol". It works! Justin’s nephews are coming in today. They stay with us for the first week. I love the kids they are too cute. They are getting big now, 16-15-12. We always do a lot of stuff when they are in town; bowling, arcade, go carts, etc. We need to power shop today...need food for the house and a ton more presents for everyone. I can't wait till Christmas; it's going to be very relaxing. We canceled our cruise and decided to stay home and enjoy the house. Well, I'm off to se Chavah and then to get the day of shopping started! Hope everyone has a GREAT day and everything goes well for you.

Hugs hugs hugs!!! JJ