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Jenna Jameson Diary : November 30, 2001

| Friday, November 30, 2001
I am a zombie... Talk about some gnarly jet lag. Good grief. I returned home last night, and it was a comedy of errors. I knew we would have a little trouble since I bought a slew of metal sex toys while we were in Amsterdam. I put them in my suit case, and I guess they X-ray everything, because when we arrived in customs a security guard was there waiting for us with my suitcase. Hehehehehe. He said, there must be something metal in your suitcase because it has been quarantined. I chuckled to myself. Then he had to walk us over to the customs agent, thank goodness they didn't go through my bag... I would have to explain what the metal anal probe was. She asked me what was in it, and I said medical devices. Then Jay piped up and said, well, they are kinda sex toys. She laughed out loud. She then asked me if I had any drugs... I of course said no, but by looking at me... it looked like I was high on something since I hadn't slept the whole 20 hour flight. (we flew from amsterdam to london to arizona) Anyway, it was pretty funny, but at least I made it home, in tact. I now have to arrange everything for my four day shoot with beautiful Miss Kobe. Very excited for it, it starts on Sunday. Tomorrow I shoot the cover for the January issue of AVN, which is a big deal because I had to win the cover. Everyone at AVN voted on the most influencial person in porn. I ended up wining along with Ron Jeremy. So we will shoot that tomorrow. Ok, well, I am off to try to get everything done before I leave in a couple of hours... Man, do I feel like I'm floating. So light headed... Thats jet lag for ya.

I love you guys... Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : November 27, 2001

| Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Hi, everyone! Miss us? The office is probably falling apart without us so....we thought we'd pop in & say "hi". We're in Amsterdam (this place is crazy!) having a blast but are making our way home tomorrow. We've had an AWESOME time and can't wait to show you pics and tell you all about it. Anyway, time for some munchies....hehe - we'll see you when we get home!

Luv ya, Jenna