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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 14, 2001

| Friday, December 14, 2001
I started dancing last night at a new club in Long Island called the Scene. Last night went great. The place was packed...very small stage. I don't think that they were used to having that many people in there. The security looked a little nervous! That makes me nervous. Linda was practicing her Tae Bo kicks and punches,lol. We had a good time. They pushed my show back until like almost 1am...keep the crowd I rocked the house and then went and did some polaroids. Jennarazzi came down and hung out. He has been on the road with Britney!!! That's my in...I have the biggest crush on her! She is smokin,mmmmmmmmmm. Anyways, now what was I saying? Oh, ya, Today I woke up and could barely move. Ben Gay where are your????? Ouch-wow I haven't danced forever. I am doing interviews for Revolver and for Talk magazines this weekend. Things have been going very well lately. The publicity machine is rolling. Wish me luck...Talk to ya'll tomorrow.

{{{{{smooooooch}}}}} JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 12, 2001

| Wednesday, December 12, 2001
We made it! The flight was bumpy...we all know how much I love that. Linda is with me and fortunately she took her Dramamine; she doesn't do well in anything that's moving. Tomorrow we have a meeting in the mornining and then off to the dentist, another favorite of mine. I have one show tomorrow and then 3 on Friday as well as Saturday. Yes, I am still nervous. At least we found my trunks ; so half of the battle is over. Ok, it's sounds good in theory. I wonder if my buddy FearZues is coming to see me???? I did a really funny diary entry before I left today...I don't know if it's up yet. It's worth a watch. Everything else is great, Briana Loves Jenna is selling well. We have a lot of new merchandise up- hats, pics, shirts... I am counting the days until my horse gets here!!!!!!! I think she will arrive on Monday/Tuesday. I'm hoping for Monday because I have to shoot on Tuesday:( The horses name is Chavah, she is a full blooded Egyptian Arab. Justin gets me the best gifts! I was shocked when he told me...He had been planning this for months. He kept teasing me asking me if I wanted to know what he got me for Christmas; it was driving me nuts. He finally broke down! I went crazy!! She is getting shipped from Toronto , Canada. She has along cold ride ahead of her. I've been on line all week getting tack and clothes. I think I bought arround 200lbs of horse books, Justin just laughs. I think he created a monster,LOL. As soon as I get her I'll put up some pix! Ok, need to get some sleep. Have a great night!

{{{smoooooch}}} JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 11, 2001

| Tuesday, December 11, 2001
Nobody loves me I might as well go eat worms:( Just kidding great day...lots of horse stuff today. Had a great chat on DVDempire and then came to the site and chatted with some friends. Now Im going to play with the dogs( not that way- pigs) and then with Justin!!!! Mamma's gonna get some tonight!!

Sleep well all... JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 11, 2001

Playboy was here shooting the day in the life of...Jenna. They came over the house and did an MTV style cribs. Then we went to the office and filmed everyone "faking that they are working",LOL. Last up on the list was Halo Piercing. I had a cutom pussy ring made up with a diamond playboy bunny on it. They shot me getting it put in. I thought that it would be preety cool...The piece should look great. I took the guys to Kyoto's after for a few Saki Bombers and then off to the airport . All in all it was a fun day even though I have cramps from hell. Have a great day everyone...and do something nice for someone and make them feel special today!

Hugs and Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 09, 2001

| Sunday, December 09, 2001
Wow, what a nice day... I woke up at around 11 o' clock and read my horse books for about an hour. Then I proceeded to clean the house ( which is very relaxing). Then Jay and I went to a christmas store here in AZ and everything was like 50% off. I LOVE SALES!!! So I ended up spending about 2 hours decorating the christmas tree, getting the bows tied takes the longest. I just don't know how Jay is going to fit my horse under the tree! I think I am in such a good mood because we had incredible sex last night. Every so often, I get to make the first move... he is usually the aggressor. Last night, I took advantage of him... I think he likes that. It seems like years since we had sex, because, what with the movie and all... we were both so tired. My pussy was so tight, he could barely get it in. I have to say, that made it all the better. I kinda like it when it hurts a little. Plus, I had to shave totally for the movie, because we had airbrushing done on our pubic bones... So, I was nice and smooth... It's been so long since I have shaved every bit of hair, it felt really good. OK, enough sex talk... I better get to bed, Playboy is coming tomorrow. They are filming my day in the life for the video that will be accompanying my magazine debut. So with that, I am off to bed. I love you guys...

Kisses to you all. Jenna