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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 22, 2001

| Saturday, December 22, 2001
The malls are packed… recession...RIGHT! Justine and i did our Christmas list yesterday...46 people! It's funny Justine did this computer list persons name- a/b (before or after Christmas we can buy it) gift idea, budget for the gift, and completion. Too funny. We take it out at the stores and everyone is like, "that is awesome, but a bit to organized, lol". It works! Justin’s nephews are coming in today. They stay with us for the first week. I love the kids they are too cute. They are getting big now, 16-15-12. We always do a lot of stuff when they are in town; bowling, arcade, go carts, etc. We need to power shop today...need food for the house and a ton more presents for everyone. I can't wait till Christmas; it's going to be very relaxing. We canceled our cruise and decided to stay home and enjoy the house. Well, I'm off to se Chavah and then to get the day of shopping started! Hope everyone has a GREAT day and everything goes well for you.

Hugs hugs hugs!!! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 19, 2001

| Wednesday, December 19, 2001
Chavah arrived!!! She got in at 2:30 am...poor thing 4 days of travel. She is unbelievable!!!!! I am so happy. We found a great place to board her very close to the house, there are 100's of them in my area. I picked one that I think she will get the best care. Her stall has airconditioning...miss fancy pants,lol. I have been going arround like a madwoman getting all the tack and clothes for riding that I need. Unfortunately during the running arround I think I got some bad food, AGAIN! So, yesterday was spent mostly in the bathroom:( As well as in the forum. I had to push a shoot that was scheduled for yesterday. I hate doing that because you look like a flake, but what am I supposed to do ..." Umm, can you hold that I need to use the restroom again..." It woulod be the worlds longest shoot. This morning I am off to LA to shoot for Club and then tomorrow for Clubjenna. and back tomorrow evening. I have not gotten any Christmas shopping done! I need to power shop in Friday and Saturday. I have my list and everyday it grows longer and longer. I don't even know what I'm getting Justin. He said he wanted an angry Donkey,lol. We are getting ready to launch Briana's site today. I think it wil do very well. We are adding to the stable. Email me and let me know who's site we should do next. Ok, time to run off to the airport.

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 19, 2001

Sleeeep I need Sleeep! I flew to LA this morning and went right to the shoot. It went awesome, we shot on a roof top. I was dressed as a catburglar. It was really cool looking, great lighting. But it was a loooong day. Tomorrow will be even longer. We are shooting 3 setups and a few masturbations for the site. Then back home. I need to see Chavah! I can't wait to ride her. I watched AI tonight and cried for 2 hours! It was a great movie. I am very emotional right now(it's the Holidays). I'm not going to spill in this time when I'm home. Time to get some sleep.......zzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzz.

Luv ya, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : November 18, 2001

| Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Today was filled with a fun-filled day of shopping... Who could complain? Well, I guess that Arizona is having a drought when it comes to formal evening gowns... because, I failed to find ANYTHING! Which is very strange for me, hell, I can find things at flea markets! Oh well, it's not like I don't have about a hundred floor length dresses hanging in my closet. You know me, I just want a NEW one! The rest of my day was spent in the editing bay finishing up the credit sequence with Jay on Brianna Loves Jenna. Man, I watched the finished product tonight, and I have to say, it is the most erotic film I've done. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do, we put blood sweat and tears into this video... Tomorrow I have to wake up early, my Emmy award winning hair dresser is flying in and doing my hair... I'm so glad he's bringing his assistant this time, that mens it will take half the time it usually does. Then it is time to pack and study for my debate at Oxford Union... UGH, can I just tell you how nervous I am? I feel like I am going to be out of my element, but, I could never pass this chance up... it's a once in a lifetime thing. Plus, I'm excited to see my friends Osty,Sparky and Firewall. It should be a really good time, seeings how Jay has never been to Europe. Well, it's late, but I have a sneeky feelingI'm going to have trouble sleeping... I am pretty nervous about this trip! Hopefull I don't toss and turn. On the last note... thank you everyone for your concern, about me. I am doing SO much better... I just needed to get back on track... and all of you helped me do it, and I thank you. The new and improved Jenna has emerged. Goodnight everyone...

Sweet dreams XXX, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 17, 2001

| Monday, December 17, 2001
I am home...FINALLY! That was a loooong 4 days - but it was really fun! The Scene was a really fun club and I think everyone had a good time. (Linda even got tips!) You'll have to ask Michael and his uncle...they came to see me (thank you, it was great to meet you!) and Chris and his friend (thanks for the present!) and Kevin (it was GREAT to see you and THANK YOU for my WONDERFUL gifts!) and of course, FearZeus, Jennarazzi, Eric.....everyone was unbelievable! (we missed you Samrea!) I'm soooooo sore and exhausted! (I think I'm getting too old for this!?) I'm happy to be home but have to leave AGAIN in the morning for a 3 day shoot in LA. :( Chavah should (literally) be here any minute and I can hardly wait! I'll post pics ASAP! I gotta get packed for the shoot and hopefully my little equestrian friend will be here! I'll let you know when she gets here! Missed you all.

Bigs hugs. JJ