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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 28, 2001

| Friday, December 28, 2001
Had a nice chat with everyone yesterday. I haven't had a chat for a while and it was nice catching up. I sit and laugh most of the chat. Everyone is so sweet! I got my hair cut yesterday...I know have a bob cut! It looks very sassy. We have some friends coming in town today for the weekend (Justin’s brother is having a huge party). We still have the boys at the house... they have been going crazy playing games. We got them a game cube and an Xbox to play (we already have Playstation2). I will give you the overall evaluation of the games: XBox is a very well made heavy, big machine. It's powered by a Pentium 733 and has its own internal hard basically it's a computer. The graphics are superior to all other gaming machines. The controllers are excellent; comfortable and stylish. The games are limited mainly because of the newness of the system. We love Munch's Odessey and Halo... 2 awesome games. The cube is more for kids from 7-13. The system is powered by a Pentium 450 and comes in a cute blue mini cube. I mean the system is small. It's really cute and very easy to hook up. It is a very mobile unit. It's made by Nintendo, so the games selection is good. The games are on minidiscs...tiny-2" The graphics are equal to that of PS2 maybe even a bit better. All the systems are great but for myself I would have to rate the XBox as the best it's hard to get accessories for. It comes with a RCA connection - needs SVHS and /or digital i/o (that's Justin’s two cents of info,LOL). The GameCube is the sassiest and best for kids, but you can't watch DVD's on it like the other two. I have a problem with PS2- we bought 7 of them when they came out and 5 of them were bad! I 'm sure that they have the bugs worked out by now. So much for gaming talk. I got a beautiful gown the other day at the mall...see how I got back onto a girlie Jenna subject! The sales at the malls are excellent right now...if you can stand the lines and the crowds of slow moving people in the aisles. today I must brave the malls one last time and then off to our company Christmas lunch. We picked a place with great margaritas and then some bowling later in the evening! It's going to be a half day at the office for everyone!!!!

Have a great day...LOVE JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 25, 2001

| Tuesday, December 25, 2001
Merry Christamas!!!!!!!!! I hope everyones has a great and joyous day. I have never really been a big Christmas fan, but over the past few years I have started to appreciate them. I think I didn't care for them because of previous bad experiences and/or feelings that I had arround the holidays. I am tyring to put them behind and go on. This Christamas I really enjoyed the company of friends and family. It was nice to get a chance to spend time with everyone and to spoil my nephews. The joy of watching them open their presents is priceless. We have a lot of special members here at clubjenna and I hope that all of you have had a wonderful day!

Merry Christamas and good night... JJ