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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 27, 2002

| Sunday, January 27, 2002
Ahhh a few days at home...very relaxing. TT boy came out and visited on Friday, he is soo awesome. We really miss him. He has been working his butt off producing his own movies. He is doing very well and I am proud of him. We are going to be doing his site... it will be a very hard core site and a lot of video on demand. I can't wait to do our next web cam for clubjenna; the first one was a lot of fun! What else is new...?? Justin got a new Escalade, what a beautiful truck. He put 23" rims on it a playstation 2 with a 15" drop down flat screen and more more more...boys and their toys! He is happy so I'm happy. Yesterday we finished up the DVD for Briana Loves Jenna...we just had to add the commentary of Justin and I....It's really funny. It was my first one I've done. It went really fast at some points its weird.. "Here's where she takes it like a". Today is Andrew's, my nephew, baptism. Kris has been waiting for a weekend when we are all here in town...this is it. It will the first, outside of my own, that I have been to. Justin and I got him a diamond cross... start him early. We need to get there early and have the priest bless the cross. Very exciting...he is the cutest little baby. Hmmm, what else has been going on... the new tv we bought for the family blew in 3 weeks time!! We called our friend at the store and he sent out a new one instantly, so that was very cool. But it was brand $8,000. TV should last a long time! No big deal. Ok, need to get ready for the big event..Have and incredible Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kisses, JJ