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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 11, 2002

| Thursday, April 11, 2002
Back on the road again! I am in Canada today to get body molded for a horror movie i am doing. I got harassed in customs for 30 minutes. I called the guy a faggot...I was mad! He asked what we were there doing...I told him . He asked if I was getting paid for the molding, I explained to him that i wasn't. He didn't believe me, "but you could be getting paid for the molding..." I said "I could be getting paid for standing here talking to you , but I 'm not!" What a frickin dickhead... I had many choice words for him during my detainment. I know Jenna the Terrorist, lol...Jenna the illegal Immigrant, hehehee. So hopefully I'll get done pretty quickly today and then I will be back home tonight. We are getting ready for our shoot next. The script is really cute. We are having difficulties getting girls..they are such flakes now a days! Ahhhhhh. I was always an angel, LOL! Ok, so I'm lying...everyone has a warped perspective of themselves. Time to go do an interview and get and rapture.

Have a great day, JJ