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Jenna Jameson Diary : May 08, 2002

| Wednesday, May 08, 2002
Another long day. The shoot with David LaChappelle was was great to work with him! I have wanted to my whole modeling career. He is the most amazing photographer to walk the earth, lol.... I was stressed all day and I didn't feel "on". I am not happy with my performance, I am a perfectionist and hate it when I don't think I look my best or model my best. I think that after all the shooting that I did this last week... I was pretty much spent :( I wish he was the first day of shooting, not the 5th. But next time right! I know that the pix will look great. They asked Justin to be in a few of the shots... how fuunny is he's a star, LOL. I am getting ready to pack it up and head back home...yipppppppie! I can't wait to get back!! Last night after the shoot we went out to dinner with TTBOY. He is one of Justin's best friends and one of mine as well. We had some sushi and relaxed, a great way to end the long week. So all in all it was a great week..alot of work but also alot of fun.

See u later, JJ