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Jenna Jameson Diary : May 13, 2002

| Monday, May 13, 2002
I love being home, very nice and relaxing. I still get anxiety thinking about having to leave again...which is dumb because it ruins my time off that I actually have. I had a very nice weekend, spent most of it with the animals. We went to the new house with the dogs and they were running around like crazy! the back yard is really big. It's starting to get warm here(ok,hot), about 100! I did some linen shopping today and went to the office as well. I stopped by Barnes and Noble to check out my column in the new FHM magazine. It was pretty cool...they really cut down my advice to only 3 -4 sentences. The UK version prints all my babbling. I am pretty excited about the whole deal! It's a huge mainstream mag and a great oppurtunity for me to have a section! What else is going on in Jenna's World...I am doing an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine tomorrow, wow! I shoot the box for I Dream of Jenna on Friday and the Mazuki ad campain for their mountain bikes on Saturday and for the site on Sunday... There is soo much going on I 'm really really excited. Well I need to call it a night... we've been playing the new Spiderman game for XBOX...oh and I am doing a voice for a game for Playstaion in June...hmmm, let me think of the name ..... take a guess and email me, everyday I will give a clue.

Good Luck, JJ