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Jenna Jameson Diary : May 22, 2002

| Wednesday, May 22, 2002
I got me car back yesterday!!! Wow , it's been 3 months and it's finally done. The car was barely hit and the total damage was $22,000. Now that is ridiculous. The guy said the same accident in a Honda would have cost $1,500. What a rip ...the headlights are $1,440 a piece....hello! But, I am just happy to have my car back... and insurance gets the tab anyways. I t was weird driving it again... I know it wasn't a major accident, but it was my first. I'm sure I'll get over it on my next time out. Anyways today has been a nice relaxing day back at home. Justin is cutting away and I am here with the dogs reading; resting before having to leave again on Thursday.

Have a GREAT day. JJ