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Jenna Jameson Diary : May 26, 2002

| Sunday, May 26, 2002
So, here we are in France, it's about 10am and I honestly don't believe we could be more tired! Linda and I flew from Montreal to Boston, connected to JFK and hooked up w/Taylor Hayes and then caught a flight to Nice, France. Believe me, that sounds a hell of a lot easier than it was......of course we had to trek from one side of the damn airport to the next to catch our connecting flights (BOTH AIRPORTS!), haven't eaten all damn day and not a morsel of food to be seen and didn't get a chance to exchange US currency! WE ARE NOT HAPPY! We got checked in and Linda ran helter skelter down the corridor to find SOMETHING for us to snack on. She returns with the sustinance of all traveling Americans: (Nutter Butters, Ritz Crackers w/(real) cheese, Doritos and Cheetos) and we boarded the 8 hour flight to Nice. Thank GOD we had seats together and we settled in for the 8 hour flight! We got to Nice and through Customs and grabbed a taxi and headed to Canne. This was Linda and Taylor's first trip to France so it was pretty fun being with them on their first time there, but that feeling soon ended. We were booked at the Holiday Inn in Canne. I think that translates in French to "You can stay here cuz not even the roaches will!" We couldn't check in because it was only 10am and check in wasn't until 12p so we thought we'd go get something to eat and pass some time. After walking for about 2 miles (NOTHING, near the hotel OR open!) we finally went into a hotel to eat at their cafe. They looked at us like we were homeless and told us they only served to guests staying at the hotel but, they would make an exception, and put us outside at the end of the patio. (Rude!) At that point we would have eaten the leaves off the tree! We got some sympathy food and walked back to the hotel where 1 room was ready so the 3 of us headed to the room. I have BATHROOMS bigger than the room they put us in! We put the beds together and layed sideways on them and out of SHEER exhaustion, slept for a few hours (roaches nibbling on our toes!) We got up, checked into the other room and went to get something to eat before we all passed out! I swear I didn't even know the MADE hotels w/out room service! We walked 1 1/2 miles to a taxi stand (no taxis from the hotels!) and got a cab. We went down to the area the Festival was, did a little shopping, got something to eat and then trucked back to get a taxi and to the hotel. I've seen ironing boards bigger than the beds we slept on and I was NOT happy. (Remind me to ALWAYS have Linda take care of ALL travel arrangements from now on, ok? She would NEVER have put me through this!) We're off to sleep, tomorrow we shoot for Vanity Fair!

I'm exhausted! JJ