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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 06, 2002

| Thursday, June 06, 2002
OOF...I think I might have had one too many last night...I am feeling a bit hungover today. My Dad is here which is great. He looks awesome! We have an interview at Fox for a piece that we are doing. It was nice strolling throught NY with my Dad catching up on things. The interview went great, he was incredible. Afterwards, I had to do some voice over work...that is something I love doing!!! Of course Justin got in on the action ..they asked him to do a voice of a character. He is great at doing voices - yoda..jarjarbinks..bullwinkle..munch..abe..etc etc,lol. So we had a great time. My Dad and his girlfriend got to watch so it was cool. For dinner we all went to Lucky Chengs...which is a dragqueen restaurant!!! It is hysterical...They perform while you eat. Of course they honed in on Justin and practically raped him , poor Justin. The food was great and the show was even better...those guys can dance!!! We had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I'm on Howard in the morning and then I have some publishing meetings in the afternoon.

Wish me luck! JJ