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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 02, 2002

| Friday, August 02, 2002
Ok...well one hurdle has been conquered ..Bill Oreilly!! I am very happy with the piece...even though alot of great stuff was edited out. The interview was actually almost 25 minutes long. I had a few really good digs and actually had him on the defensive side. He was a very very good interviewer and I have much respect for him . He was extremely polite off camera and that goes along way. On camera he's just doing his job. I wanted to thank everyone for their nice positive comments regarding the segment on the Pulse. I was sooooo stressed before the whole ordeal. I will be posting the interview on the site as soon as we get a copy of it. Sunday I have a great segmnet on Fox show. Please make sure you check out your local listings for times! TRoday I am running to the new house to go over closet design ...I got screwed on the closets!!! LOL I basically need a house just for clothes. I will be donating a lot of my clothes before the move.

Thanks again for being there for me!! JJ