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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 05, 2002

| Monday, August 05, 2002
Monday and its cloudy here in AZ.. now this is a treat! I love rainy days, we get so few of them ere...most likely thatt's why I lik ethem! I'm sure if I lived in Seatle I would not appreciate them to much. I have to leave tomorrow fo rLA again.... i am shooting for MTV tomorrow and the the interactive DVD for New Sensations on Thurs & Friday. As well as a interview for the A&E Channel. Saturday a mtg with some one pitching a show on VH1 for me and then DISNEYLAND ON SUNDAY!!!!!! Wooohooooooo... I can't wait! I 'm going there with Justin's sister and her kids. I love Disneyland. I guess we are heading over to the new park, adventure land, as well. I have never been to that part. i will take some pix for everyone to see. I'm gonna tan..

Have a great day!!! JJ