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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 13, 2002

| Tuesday, August 13, 2002
Cher was awesome!! The concert was unbelievable!! We were sitting maybe 4 feet away from her center stage... I couldn't believe it. She looked the best i have ever seen her. Her performance was excellent from the costumes , chereography, to the singing it was all great. For someone who is 57 she can still put on a show.

Kris and I had a blast. I think Kris, Justin's sister and head of merchandise at ClubJenna, is one of Cher's biggest fans. It was great watching her enjoy the show. I wanted to buy some of Cher's merchandise , but the lines were rediculous. I think performers make as much on merchandise as they do for's amazing to see people waiting in line to get a $50 Tshirt or a $60 hat.. the stuf is not even signed...crazy. Justin got us the tickets as a psesent off of Ebay, my fav place to shop. It really was a fun night . I guess this will be her last tour...that's what they all say though...hopefully she'll do another one. It was cool I think that she got word from the security staff that I was there...she was winking and smiling at me the whole show...yeah baby yeah!!! I'd pound her!! Now that would be a different movie,lol. Ok, off to the office for a few meetings...

Have a great day!! JJ