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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 23, 2002

| Friday, August 23, 2002
I am a couch potato... I have not moved in 2 days, hehehee. It feels great to be lazy for a few days. after looking at the ghost in the room post in the forum...i bumped my head jumping out of the chair...can I sue for that? LOL. Holy shit was that funny... I tried it on 3 people since I got my ass sacring. Misery loves company,lol. Today I am going wakeboarding with Justin and a few friends!! I can't wait I love it. I haven't gotten to go all summer and the weather is just right here now. The high during the day is only around 100... cough cough ... only,lol. Tonight I will be going to the new house for a night of kareoke (which I hate with a passion) for a friends birthday. Justin has been practicing a few tunes,lol. I will be attending for the drinking aspect and support aspect only.

Ok, I'm off to the lake! JJ