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Jenna Jameson Diary : October 03, 2002

| Thursday, October 03, 2002
I am totally stumped on what to get Justin for his birthday. Its a week away I have no clue. He always says he wants nothing. I’m sure he'd be real happy if everyone got him nothing. It's funny how people say that. He always plans out my gifts. Last year I planned a great trip for his birthday in Mexico...unfortunately a hurricane came and the trip got canceled. This year I have no idea, maybe a new vacuum for the house, lol. He buys himself everything that he wants so it is next to impossible finding a gift. When I asked him the other day he said for a year give me a blowjob whenever I ask for it! Pig, LOL! How do you wrap that up? And can he open that up in front of his parents! LOL LOL LOL. Time to hit the net and find something. If you have any ideas feel free to email them to me.

Kisses, Jenna