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Jenna Jameson Diary : October 06, 2002

| Sunday, October 06, 2002
Went to a friend’s funeral yesterday. The services were really nice. The attendance was amazing, at least 400 people showed. I do not do well at funerals; they are an uncomfortable thing for most everyone. I never really know what to say to the grieving family members and loved ones. It's really sad watching the ones you love overcome with sadness and sorrow. I know funerals not only make you feel sad for the loss of a friend/loved one, etc, but also give you that feeling of impending doom in regards to the ones that are closest to you. I always think of what it would be like if so an so was the one that past on...and then even a deeper sadness comes over me. The funeral was for Justin's sister’s brother in-law. He was only 50 and past on during a racquetball game. He left behind a beautiful wife and 2 kids. He was a preacher at a local Baptist church and also ran the grade school associated with it. Many will miss him. He lived his life as a good man and will be rewarded justly in Heaven. I have met him only a few times and was there more for support for Justin's sister and her husband, whom I am both very close with. Death is such a hard thing to deal with, I mean I know that you are supposed to be happy for the person because they will be going on to the next passage of life...but you feel a loss and sorrow. Is this a selfish felling? I mean we are sad because they are not part of our life anymore... Every time you see death I think everyone has a revelation... a quick look into their lives and a self-evaluation of am I ready...have I experienced life, have I reconciled with myself and my loved ones. My life has been passing me by because of work. I constantly push myself back for my career. Isn't that wrong? I know a lot of you out there do the same thing. Some times I look at someone with a simple life and admire them. Take for example a surfer who everyday hits the water for hours enjoying life. Works enough to pay the bills and have some extra cash, but lives life to learn, enjoy, and be happy; no stress. Wow, what would that be like? Maybe I should take up surfing...oopps I live in Arizona, ok next idea, LOL. Time to start packing; I head off to Germany tomorrow for a week. We are going to the big book fare to promote my book that will be out in May of next year. Have a great Sunday and take some time to enjoy life!

Kisses, Jenna