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Jenna Jameson Diary : October 23, 2002

| Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Ok, it doesn't hurt to breath anymore, LOL. My body is back to normal and I’m feeling great! Except for all the workers in my house 10 hours a day everything is great, lol. The total lack of privacy will drive anyone insane. I like being a total couch potato for a day or 2 after I have a tuff work week. I like sitting in my PJ's not having to worry about be glammed up. No shower nothing, Just playing I never stink!!!!!! Ok , maybe that one time...hehehhe. Justin sliced his thumb open on Sunday trying to put up some temporary shelves so we can get our clothes out of boxes until the closets are done...which at this rate will not be until May 2005! I think this is the perfect reason he hates putting stuff together...well, he had to go to the hospital and get 5 stitches :( He was mad. i guess he waited for 2 hours before going to the hospital in hopes that it would stop bleeding. We did my schedule for the next 3 months yesterday and it put me in a total depression. I wish I could clone myself! Wouldn't that be awesome. Like the movie Carbon Copy. I loved that movie, one of my favorite lines when they are explaining the retarded clone..."you know how sometimes when you make a copy of a copy it's just not as sharp as the original..." too funny. I feel like that copy all the time, lol. Ok, I am off to ride Chavah.

Have a great day. JJ