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Jenna Jameson Diary : Febuary 07, 2002

| Thursday, February 07, 2002
Back from Vegas..Stern was crazy. I had a blast!!! Howard was awesome and I enjoyed my time on the show. I had to give a lucky girl a nude massage, mmm. Wait until you see the video; way too funny. The girl was a cutie and she lives in town! Things are going really really great... way too busy , but great. I had a few meetings today and then I am off to visit Chavah, my horse. I need some anti stress relief. Tonight I am baby sitting my newest nephew, Andrew. he is getting soooo big. I will upload some pix of him for everyone to see the little cutie. This weekend we are off to LA for the Swung Mag party and then there for a week of shooting for clubjenna. The office is going crazy with the new work, , and . We are in scanning pandemonium, lol.

Luv you all, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : February 04, 2002

| Monday, February 04, 2002
Today was a pretty productive day. Had a great board meeting for clubjenna...we are growing incredibly fast!!!! Good talk with the PR people. Went and had a message, ahhhhh. Made some dinner and now off to an early bed. Then we get up early and head off to Vegas for the Stern Show at the Hard Rock. it will be nice to see Howard and Co. I just wanted to thank all of you that come to my aid and support when all the jenna Bashing crap is posted... I really appreciate it. People are such insecure, no life having cowards that have to resort to trying to beat me down...and they have never meet me and or spoke with me. It gets old after awhile.

So, thanks again. Love JJ