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Jenna Jameson Diary : March 15, 2002

| Friday, March 15, 2002
Oh my gosh last night at the Hustler store was insane!!! The was literaly a line all the way around the block. I have never seen it like that! They were charging $10 to get in the store , but gave everyone a coupon for $10 towards a purchase of any merchandise. All I can say is , WOW! It makes you feel really good when you realize that everyone is there to see you... I needed that right now. I have been feeling a little down and this was a nice boost. Everyone was soooo sweet and nice. I have always loved my fans...and alot of them have become my friends. I appreciate all the support. I had to get up at 7a.m. this morning for 3 radio me I was not in a good mood when Linda woke me up! I was begging her to let me sleep... she was running around opening the drapes, blasting the tv, etc. LOL. Ok, Have an incredibly awesome day...

Love always, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : March 13, 2002

| Wednesday, March 13, 2002
Long day got tons of stuff done! Was at the bank for a good part of the day...not very exciting I must add. I started working out again..aghhh. Starting is always the hardest, but you feel the results (pain) so quickly. I am starting back light...I like being able to move the next day,lol. It's weird, at times I kinda like the pain from the workout. You feel an acomplishement...for the better. Justin always squeezes and pokes wherever I'm sore...MEANIE! LOL... I do the same thing to him though, so I have no room to talk. It's funny because when you are both sore it turns into a game. Running around trying to get the other person..poking them. Ok, maybe just we do that..... I love to jog. There is only one problem...ok, two problems. The boobs, ouch. So jogging has lust some of it's enjoyment. I also love boxing! Justin works with me on hitting and I get the best cardio workout ever! Every once and a while I'll slip and knock him out, lol lol lol. OOOOOPS , sorry! We put the house back on the market so we have been showing it again. Yesterday, a very preppy family came by to see the house with their kids... We have a statue of a robot on its knees servicing a beautiful silver naked lady... definitely not good for families viewing. I think we are going to start throwing a sheet over it...oh, that will look so nice.

I'm out have a great one! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : March 12, 2002

| Tuesday, March 12, 2002
I'm back and feeling much much better! Thanks out to everyone for the sweet emails and flowers. Thank God, my hand was only fractured. I am a little gun shy while driving now; I know that's wierd. I feel pretty guilty over the whole was my fault:( That whole ordeal really threw a monkey wrench in my schedule...but time to play some catch up. I have a live chat tomorrow , so don't miss it! Unfortunately, because of the accident I missed the interview I was doing for Nightline. That was going to be pretty time I guess. I will be appearing at the Hustler Store in Cincinnati on Thursday and Friday of this week. I will be promoting the release of the Briana Loves Jenna DVD. The DVD rocks! My calendar is completed and ready for sale... amazing . So, make sure you email for a list of specials we are running. I think we are selling the DVD and the calendar together for $35!! I am very excited, I signed an exclusive webcast deal with Video Secrets. They are an awesome company and great friends of ours, so it should be alot of fun. The dogs are great, Justin is great ( ok, justin is better than great ...I am having a hard time walking!), and work is slamming. Thanks for helping with Club Jenna's World Dommination Tour! Have an incredible day...give a complete stranger a kiss and say, "That's from Jenna!"

Smmooooches and hugs! JJ