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Jenna Jameson Diary : July 06, 2002

| Saturday, July 06, 2002
Last night was fun...we went to dinner for Daniel's BDay. We went to a great sushi place called Sapporo's. We had sushi and tepan yaki. Of course we consumed a few shots of sake for the occasion. Justin and I called it an early night after dinner and went home for some nasty sex. I got it for about an hour and a half until we were totally exhausted!!! Unfortunately Daniel came home a bit intoxicated and forgot to leave the doggie door open. The dogs ate some Mexican yesterday... it was not a pretty sight!! Justin goes out to the garage to get the steam cleaner...and someone borrowed it without asking and didn't return it...HE WAS MADDDD!!! What a day,lol. Tonight we are going to my good friend’s, and Moe's Girlfriend, birthday party at a club called Opium. Moe reserved the VIP for the party and has an open bar for everyone,,,, now that's dangerous with our crowd!!! SO TIME TO GT READY.


Jenna Jameson Diary : July 07, 2002

Barf Barf Barf- I got the stomach flu and have been up sick all might and morning! i feel horrible. Everyone in Justins family has it as well. I hope I get beter soon...Gotta run, back to the bathroom I go :(

Luv, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 04, 2002

| Thursday, July 04, 2002
Happy 4th of July!!!!!! I love the 4th ...mainly because I love watching the firework shows. Unfortunately in Arizona most of the shows have been canceled do to the lack of rain and the current out of control raging fires we are having!!! I hope everyone has a great 4th. Today we are cleaning up the house...carpet cleaning and arranging... and then going over to Jim's (Justin's Brother) house for a BBQ. It should be a nice relaxing day. It feels great to be back home. Yesterday I just chilled around the house and did a little grocery shopping in the evening. We are on strict diets starting today. We purchased all healthy foods for the house!! No chips, cookies, candy, poptarts etc... oh shit, what has my life come too...A DIET!! Ahhhhhhh....LOL. We also got a treadmill for the house yesterday. It's too hot to run outside. Now we have a nice little gym at the house, Justin has the boxing area nicely set up, we have a smith machine and bench ( which is pretty much good for everything), and we have a great set of adjustable dumbbells. Oh, and don't forget the bun and thigh rocker by Jake, lol. I am now on a mission to get in shape! It’s nice every once and a while to not care and enjoy life, food, and laziness… lol. My problem is that I have no regimentation in my life. I am non stop on the go and living in hotel rooms on room service at 12 am. That doesn't do a body good. We should have some pix posted from my NY trip soon...we took a ton. It's nice being back in the nice brown desert... I was on sensory overload with all the green in the Hamptons! Ok, Gotta start project "GET IN SHAPE". Have a truly awesome 4th of July!!!!

Hugs and kisses...JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 03, 2002

| Wednesday, July 03, 2002
I'm back form outerspace! I slept sooo well in my bed...ahhh so nice to be home! Yesterday's flight was easy. Poor Clay was still a bit green. The cab ride to the airport was hysterical, Justin was doing " The many faces of Justin" routine. We cought it on camera for everyone to see. We were crying! The flight was delayed for over an hour on the tarmat, but we made up some time in the air. Of course we flew America West, I mean Worst. Justin upon enering the cabin looked at the pilots and asked them if he didn't just see them in the bar. The steward snippily said that that wasn't appreciated. I replied" We don't appreciate your pilots flying drunk!" He shut up quickly! Hehehehee. Ok, the dogs are barking let me go see whats up.

Later, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 02, 2002

| Tuesday, July 02, 2002
I'M HEADING HOME!!! I can hardly believe it. I can't WAIT to sleep in my own bed. This was a reallllly long trip. But, we are headed to the airport and tonite we will be back in Scottsdale. I wonder if the dogs will remember who we are? Rory's been taking care of them so they've probably been subjected to numerous women and God only know what else! lol.

I'll talk to you when we get home! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 01, 2002

| Monday, July 01, 2002
Clay has food poisoning. 1 little shrimp BROUGHT HIM DOWN! Poor guy - I feel really bad for him. So, Justin and I left him at the hotel and ran the streets of NY! This afternoon I shot my role in "The Chicken Club". This is Comedy Central's first original movie. I got to play myself so you know I was AWESOME! hehehe We are off to dinner (we'll get some shrimp for Clay!)so I'll talk to you all later.

Be home soon! JJ