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Jenna Jameson Diary : October 04, 2002

| Friday, October 04, 2002
Daaa daa daaa...not a whole lot to say today. Just at the house working, trying to get my schedule together for the next few months ahead. I have a dance gig at the end of October...I haven't danced forever and need to get in shape for it. I have started daily stretching and some light cardio. I need to quit smoking it has destroyed my cardio. I am quitting the first of the year; it will be my New Years Resolution. Smoking is suck a bad habit... I wish that I had never started. It is so addicting and unhealthy. I will be the first to say it DO NOT SMOKE! Isn't it funny how every smoker says that but they still smoke! The hypocrisy of it all kills me. I hope when the New Year comes around I can stick to it. Justin will keep me too it, he hates smoking. Ok time for a smoke, LOL.

Talk to you all later! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 03, 2002

| Thursday, October 03, 2002
I am totally stumped on what to get Justin for his birthday. Its a week away I have no clue. He always says he wants nothing. I’m sure he'd be real happy if everyone got him nothing. It's funny how people say that. He always plans out my gifts. Last year I planned a great trip for his birthday in Mexico...unfortunately a hurricane came and the trip got canceled. This year I have no idea, maybe a new vacuum for the house, lol. He buys himself everything that he wants so it is next to impossible finding a gift. When I asked him the other day he said for a year give me a blowjob whenever I ask for it! Pig, LOL! How do you wrap that up? And can he open that up in front of his parents! LOL LOL LOL. Time to hit the net and find something. If you have any ideas feel free to email them to me.

Kisses, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 02, 2002

| Wednesday, October 02, 2002
We just got tickets for the Creed concert on Saturday!!!!! I can't wait. I really like Creed and I hear they have a great show. We are going with a prety good size group of people and should have a blast. We have been waiting to see Creed for a while now. Hurry up Staurday!

The countdown starts, LOL. JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 30, 2002

| Monday, September 30, 2002
Toady I spent designing outfits for the CES show for all our girls to wear. We have quite a few under our wing this year.., Briana, Jill, Haven, Ashton, Nina, Chloe, and a few more we are adding to the roster! We have undoubtedly the hottest girls to ever grace the net! So , I think that their outfits should properly represent them. I love to design it's neat. Definitely a change of pace. Tonight is date night... Justin and I are actually going out on a date; we never have much time just together aside from work. I think that every relationship needs special time to spend with just one another doing something fun. We are leaving for the book fair in Germany on the 7th, so we need to hustle to get things going. I Dream of Jenna has been selling unbelievably well...we set a new record for sales and the reviews have been awesome!!! The VHS is in stores now or can be purchased in our store. The DVD will be released in the end of November early December. Ok I need to get ready for tonight’s festivities. I ran across this amusing article today that I thought I might share to everyone... Have a great night JJ..... "Whaddaya mean it's not in stock?" I overheard this several days ago in a sporting goods store, when a customer brushed aside inferno-like heat to ask about a snowboard. If it's you as a customer doing the asking, stop and think — no, for the most part, means no. If you're on the other end, no matter how incredulous or rude, it's always best for you or your salespeople to calmly repeat that the item isn't available. If the customer has somehow gone deaf in the past 20 seconds, suggest that a manager or supervisor might help restore his hearing.

"I cannot believe how much this costs!" Heard this one in a convenience store in relation to a Snickers bar. (Amid the slime left behind by Enron and WorldCom, here's a vile instance of corporate piracy.) Granted, many items can be rather steep, but last I looked it isn't the woman with the name tag setting the going rate. If you hear such a comment, politely remind the consumer about that particular dynamic of our economy. And if, by chance, you do decide on prices, simply say you're sorry they find it's high but that's what you're charging. It's a nice way of saying take it or leave it, Diamond Jim.

"Let me finish this call first." This has never happened to me, but it's one with which I surely sympathize — the clerk patiently waiting for a customer to end a cell-phone call before paying. Not merely rude, but, I suspect, an exercise in pure narcissism. ("Look at me, everyone! I'm talking to the video rental store while I'm buying a box of Count Chocula!") If you're talking with a salesperson, become acquainted with your phone's off switch. And if you're dealing with someone whose phone seems every bit attached as an oversized earring, politely remind them that others are waiting.

"Could you hurry it up?" I've caught this remark more times than I care to remember. It's rude, brusque and inherently insulting. If you're pressed for time, try rephrasing it. (Such as, "It would really help me out if I could finish up here as quickly as possible.") If you happen to be the one who's accused of moving with the speed of erosion, simply remind your customer you're doing the very best you can.

"Just what is your problem?" Variants to add on to this global accusation include references to stupidity, lack of mental and emotional development, and other derision. There's no cause for this — if nothing else, who's going to suddenly going to snap to and offer exemplary service after you've just questioned their lineage? If you've just taken one of these in the face, immediately suggest that they chat with a manager or someone else — such as their own mother. You shouldn't have to deal with it, and trying to reply in any fashion may only sour things even more.

"I'm not leaving until I get what I want!" This is usually sputtered loudly in the hopes of attracting attention. Unfortunately, on the scale of lame ultimatums, this ranks right alongside Khrushchev's promise to bury the West. Try to remember that stores do, in fact, run out of stock — you can't simply embarrass someone into making that Martha Stewart action figure appear out of thin air. Faced with such a comment, tell a customer you're sorry they're dissatisfied (remembering, as one reader pointed out, that they are on private property and can, if need be, be removed).

A bonus bundle for No. 7. To conclude, I have a laundry list of quickie favorites as suggested by readers (some of which belie any sort of reasonable response):

"Can you get my money out? I just had my nails done."

Said to a child: "Johnny, be quiet or this salesperson will yell at you."

"Can you look after my child while I try this on?" Of course, madam, right after I finish chewing him out.

"Here!" (followed by money or credit card being tossed onto a counter).

"Do you work here?" Often said to a uniformed employee with a name tag who's been hammering a cash register for the better part of an hour. If you're the employee, answer with due politeness and you'll likely be up for a Nobel Prize. If you're the one asking this archetype of pure density, well, you'll probably get what's coming to you. But don't forget to ask the gray-suited manager at the insurance agency if they've sold out of copies of the new Barry Manilow CD.

Smiles, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 29, 2002

| Sunday, September 29, 2002
Alone at last! Last night was the first night that we did not have any houseguests since we moved into our new house! What a night. We got back from San Francisco around 3 pm got home and relaxed by the pool. I made a nice dinner and we watched Kill Smoochy. The movie was really well written and the acting was great. I don't know if I would watch it again, but it was amusing the first time. Justin was giving me a nice foot rub during the movie and then slow eased his way up my legs to my pussy, massaging and spreading trying to be slick. Well it worked, I was dripping and begging for his tongue. He slowly started licking the outside folds of my pussy as his thumb found its way into my tight pussy. He sucked my clit into his mouth from the side and started his slow side flicking motion.... I was ready to pop in less than 1 minute... He kept teasing me, building it up and then backing away. I would grind my hips trying to find his mouth and to get his thumb deeper into my pussy..mmmm. He would slowly go back down onto my swollen clit building it up until he finally let me cum.. it was unreal every part of my body was shuddering as i clenched my legs around his head and squeezed as he sucked the cum out of my pussy. It was then my turn to please him. I got down on the floor in front of him and slowly pulled down his pants... I started at his feet, sucking his toes into my mouth and caressing his inner thighs my mouth traveled ever so slowly up his leg, never missing and part of leg until i got to his massive hard cock, mmm it was begging for me to suck it into my mouth. Justin’s hand was on the back of my head as he tried to push it down onto his big hard cock. I pulled back gently letting my nails trail up his dick. Watching his breathing as I stroked...I looked into his eyes and asked him what he wanted, the answer was obvious as he guided my mouth over his cock. I slowly sucked his head into my mouth every so slowly gaining my tongue over its tender underside. With one hand I cupped his balls while the other preceded my mouth as slid down his shaft. I sucked and stoked for what seemed an hour never letting him cum...getting him close and the looking at him and telling him not yet. Suddenly he pulled me up onto his lap spinning me around facing away from him as he quickly guided his cock up inside of legs started to shake as I sat down on every inch of that big cock...his shaft was glistening with my juice. My orgasm built quickly and for the next hour they came one after another until he finally pulled out and I took him in my mouth swallowing his cum.... Ok, I 'm wet again..time for round 2!

Kisses, JJ