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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 05, 2002

| Thursday, December 05, 2002
Movie Shoot - Day Two....We began the day with Randy Spears pounding the hell out of some poor young thing. He violated (no, really) her with a plunger, then peed in it and....okay, maybe I don't need to relay ALL the dirty details! We recovered from that scene and shot a b/g with Dale DeDone and Ashley Moore. Okay....more pounding! lol My sex scene today was with Drew Barrymore - pretty hot. I got to play a cat burglar - and that was a great role, adds a little spice to the sexiness of it all. TTBoy came down to the set today so you know that added a little excitement to the dayt. lol He is soooo funny. It was a good day - only 4 more!

Sleep for this catwoman! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 04, 2002

| Wednesday, December 04, 2002
Today was the first day of shooting. We did a TON of dialogue today - got a lot of that out of the way so we can concentrate on the good stuff! I did quite a bit with Tina Tyler. She was great to work with. My sex scene today was with Ramona......yummy girl! We worked late so we're gonna grab a bite then get some sleep.

Nite! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 03, 2002

| Tuesday, December 03, 2002
It is obvious I am going to have to supply my own "12 Days of Christmas" lyrics and gifts so I am officially taking that project upon myself....THEREFORE....."On the 3rd day of Christmas here's what I gave to me......3 French Ticklers, 2 Dildo Doves and a Sex Tips Book written by me-eeeeee". hehehe Okay, now that I have THAT out of my system.....I'm getting my packing done - Justin and I are off to LA - more movie shoots this week. Sometimes I still can't believe how much prep goes into a movie (but hey, it beats doing it for someone else!) Gotta finish packing. I'll let you all know how things go on Day 1!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 02, 2002

| Monday, December 02, 2002
"On the second day of Christmas....." okay, this is not funny! Aren't there supposed to be some doves flying around here somewhere? Today I will be replacing the doors in my house. Apparently the dogs have decided to eat their weight in doors - this diet may get them killed. I think I'll give everyone on my list a DOG this year!

Off to Home Depot. JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 01, 2002

| Sunday, December 01, 2002
"On the 1st of Christmas my true love gave to me....." HEY! I didn't get anything! RUDE. lol Guess it's that time of year again - time to shake the ole stockings out and start stuffing 'em. Today Missy and I did some running around while Justin was at the office. (No rest for the wicked ya know!) hehehehe Tonite I perfected my masturbation techniques - as they say....practice makes perfect!

Happy December! JJ