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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 02, 2003

| Thursday, January 02, 2003
Can I tell you how much I hate remotes! Ok, we have like 7 remotes on the coffee table in the family room! Justin is a electronic freak and I live with it. I just like watching my shows...I do not care if they are in Dolby or THX whatever! So, I call him all the time to see why this or that isn't working and he has to walk me through all the different remotes and the 20 possibilities of what could be wrong...ahhhhhhhhhhh. So, he bought a multi remote that controls everything! You press on button and it adjusts the whole system for what you want to do! We got it from our friend Chad's store. A kid came out with a laptop and programmed it with a laptop. I guess it took like 10 hours to program!! Its fricken really cool. It has the ClubJenna splash page on it and it reads ... THE OFFICIAL CONTROL FOR JENNA JAMESON... How awesome is that! The only problem is that I have to learn this remote now..before I knew the DSS remote by brail...I didn't have to look, knew it by feel. This new remote is like a Palm Pilot thingy. I found myself pulling out the old DSS remote to make it faster, ooops. Justin caught me an had a fit, hehehehee. I am sure I will learn to love it. Gotta run Animal Precinct is on...

Kisses, Jenna